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Nowadays, all beings of higher planes (this applies especially to Shambhala - Atmic and Monadic Planes) are situated in the uppermost layers of the atmosphere, and even higher. They form the ethereal (energy) screen, heating the planet due to their energy and barrier to emission of photons from the surface. Also it helps to keep the atmosphere around the planet.
And the heaven departed as a scroll (Revelation 6:14).
What does it mean?
At the beginning of Doomsday the Higher Planes will descend down. And protective screen that they formed, thereby, will press the air, causing it to move down towards the Earth.
I.e. the atmosphere will become dense like a scroll. This will greatly reduce its height.
Because of this - because the compression and reducing the height – will occur many other phenomena, described in the Bible - in particular, the falling of the stars from the sky. It is meteorites. They always fall to Earth and now too. But because of the great height of the atmosphere they are burned, failing to reach the surface.
But if the sky will be reduced, the meteors will enter into the atmosphere at a much lower altitude. And people will watch the process of combustion. That is the falling stars.
Here is another phenomenon. The sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.
It is very easy to explain.
Please, recollect, how all is painted in red colors at sunset and at dawn. This is due to the fact that at this time the sun's rays pass through the atmosphere to the observer the longest way, in comparison, for example, with the time when the sun is at its zenith.
The atmosphere retards the sun's photons. But the red photons have the highest inertial speed and force (which pushes them forward). Because of this, they are weaker than the photons of other colors are attracted by the substance of atmosphere and reach us in greater number. Because of this everything at sunrise and sunset is painted in red. And the clouds turn pink and magenta for that reason.
And the moon is red, when the atmosphere contains a lot of moisture or other solid impurities. For example, there is a sign – “The moon becomes red before the rain”.
The moon is often red when it is low over the horizon. I.e. the path that the photons have to pass to the observer becomes longer.
Or, for example, our satellite is often red during a full moon. This is because at this time the moon is situated behind the Earth in relation to the sun. The moon reflects the light of the sun. And solar photons have to pass the greatest path to us than, for example, at the time of new moon, when the satellite is located before the Earth. And we have already said that inertial speed of the red photons is larger. And they can pass the longest path, being not absorbed by substance.
And when the atmosphere in the last days will be dense, the moon will turn red and all will be painted in red tones.
And the sun will not be as bright as before, because the atmosphere will delay its light.
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The Seventh Seal – there was silence in heaven (Rev. 8:1).
And again, the explanation is the same. The dense atmosphere badly transmits sounds. And the wind also moves in it with a lower speed. Because of this, at the last times everywhere will become very quiet. Mutely.

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