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The Earth is named not by chance in esoteric sources “The star of Suffering”. Our planet is too immersed in the ideas of violence and murder.
And it all began with the moment of origin of the animal kingdom. Animals for the sake of the survival do not disdain anything. Absolutely all means are good to save the lives of themselves or the offspring.
They are relatively independent of solar heat and light, in contrast to plants. They heat themselves using breathing. But they need a building material for the bodies. And they continually extract it, killing plants and each other.
This is the fee for the opportunity to live independently and move around the planet.
The Beast out of the sea”, as referred to in the Bible - it is the animal kingdom, which originated in the water.
Exactly because of all this violence occurring on the Earth, the Highest Planes limit their contact with the planet.
As you remember, the Heavenly Gate exists. This is the threshold that protects the Heaven from information of Matter. This Gate is not needed on every planet.
But on the Earth they are required.
Information of earthly evil can affect the information of the particles of the Higher Planes.
People are the highly intelligent animals. We have a lot from the animal kingdom, including the ability to murder. We are able to inflict pain.
Before the Solar Angels will be ready to land on the planet and connect with the people, we must change our thinking. We must cease to be animals.
This is not some beautiful appeal. That's true of our existence. We simply have no other choice. To successfully complete our mission on this planet, we must change our consciousness.
We should stop thinking like an instinctive creature, and start thinking like God.
When I read books of Kryon about co-creation with God, I thought, how true these ideas are, and how they overlap with ours.
We all together as if are creating a united universal human library of knowledge, in all countries and peoples.
This knowledge will help people in curbing of the planetary evil that lies in the bowels of the Earth and penetrates the planet.
The struggle between Light and Darkness is happening every moment. But the particular extent it will acquire in the future. The number of people will be more. The struggle for world food and industrial resources will intensify. The climate will change. And people will realize how close they came to the final stage of their existence on the Earth.

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