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So, End of the World on the Earth finished. All souls returned back home. All of them have graduated from the “Earth School”. The Body of Logos obtained enough radioactive flavor that made it perfect, divine.
New Era – the true life after ascension – began for souls in the body of the Logos.
And what will happen to the Earth? What is its fate?
This planet is at this moment – is a material body of our Planetary Logos. “School” and “quarry” simultaneously.
When lessons will be received, and the needed amount of the fifth element will be extracted - the school can be closed.
The Logos will leave the Earth as already unnecessary body. Like a butterfly, which resets cocoon to fly to the space of a sunny day. Logos – i.e. all Solar Angels in its composition will be free for space travels.
However, some of them will still remain, interested by the deserted in the future Earth as a field for experimentation. Perhaps they will recreate some oases, will populate them with lives and will assist and observe. Some information about this can be found in Robert Monroe “Far journeys” and “Ultimate journey”.
However, all this will last only until such time when the Earth will be close enough to the Sun to get from it enough energy. After all, the possibilities of a small number of Solar Angels are not infinite.
After the end of the world when the Logos will leave the planet, respectively will disappear the shield formed by the Higher Planes. This shield protects us now, creating greenhouse conditions. When there will be no protection, the surface will cool more at night and heated in daytime.
But do not forget that it is also moving away from the sun.
This means that after some time, when it will be sufficiently distant from our light, the winters and nights will become unbearably cold.
Take a look at Mars. This is the Earth in the future.
In general – there is the prevalence of sub-zero temperatures. Dry lifeless desert, which contains a lot of iron oxides. And because of this it is so red. I say not only about Mars but also of the Earth in the future. Once long ago gardens were blooming on Mars, but this is in the past.
Our civilization uses a lot of iron for technical needs. When mankind will perish, the ruins of civilization will being destroyed for a long time by the nature elements.
And eventually, it will be erased to the dust. Remains of oxygen will unite with iron and will stain the dust in the red. So in the solar system there will arise one more red planet.
And the water on the Earth will disappear. It says even in the Bible. Revelation, chapter 21 – “and there was no more sea”.
Seas and oceans as well as rivers and lakes will not exist more. And where will they come from? After all, they need water for this.
In our time the water constantly evaporates into the Space. But the shield from the higher plans and atmospheric layers partly prevent this.
And in addition, water supplies are constantly replenished. It is formed in the upper layers of atmosphere, where there is a lot of solar radiation. The heating helps to connect the free hydrogen and oxygen. There is much of hydrogen in the Cosmos. Plants emit oxygen. And the water falls on our heads in the form of precipitation.
That's how the water arises on the Earth. No plants - no oxygen - no water.
In the future, when the plants will die during the end of the world, no one will emit oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide. And due to this on the Earth there will be a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as now on Mars.
Such will be the face of our planet in a million years.
The red desert without water. Rarefied atmosphere with a high content of carbon dioxide. The last water will remain at the poles. The temperature will not rise above +20 (Celsius) on the equator in the hottest afternoon, and it will drop to -140 in other time and in other places.
And this is only the beginning of the process of freezing the planet's surface. Biological life on it will not be impossible, even under the guidance of Angels.
That is why the term of “schools” on Earthlike planets is limited - due to the temperature conditions at the surface.
The bowels of the planet will continue to heat by the solar radiation. Because of this, it will continue distancing from the sun. Perhaps it will be attracted by one of the giant planets, and it becomes its satellite.
Or will it will pass them and will repeat the fate of Pluto. Pluto - is also the Earth-like planet. The radius of the orbit of the Earth will be very large.
And here it is, deserted and cold on the surface, will move away so much that one day it will cease to feel the gravitation of the sun. And then it will come off from the solar system and begin the wandering in the Space. But sooner or later its travel will end. Some larger celestial body will attract it. And the first candidate for this – is the Nucleus of the Galaxy. This is a huge celestial body. The progenitor of our sun and other stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Its attraction is very large. At the equator it has a Field of Repulsion. But the poles attract with great force.
Then the planet will rush to one of the poles and will fall on it. It will be immersed into the red-hot ball, similar to our Sun, but much larger. And it becomes part of it.
The further fate of the planet may be any.
- To continue the evolution in the composition of the nucleus of the galaxy.
- Or to be ejected in the form of stars.
- Either in the form of a smaller amount of substance to form a new planet.
In any case, the totality of elementary particles of the Physical Plane, which we call today the Earth, will continue to exist, but in other forms.
And it will continue the evolution. And take part in the formation also of a huge number of “schools of gaining experience”. After all, the term of life of the manifested universe is unimaginably large. And the purpose of Creator - is to combine particles of all planes together.
And as long as the last particle of the Physical Plane will not be ascended into heaven, until at least one celestial body will remain, this universe, this carousel of worlds will continue to exist.
And life will not disappear until then. And the beings of the higher planes will plunge again and again into Matter to raise it.

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