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In this chapter we briefly describe the chain of events that will occur in the sunset of mankind. For a more complete and detailed analysis of the same, we refer you to the next part, which is called – “The End of the World”.
Throughout this book we tooth and nail try to transmit you the idea that you should not be afraid of the Apocalypse. Because this is “handiwork” of the Hierarchy of Light - Planetary Logos, to which we, incidentally, also belong. All of this was planned earlier. This course of events was assumed from the outset. It's hard to believe, but the way it really is. When we will not be here, everything will fall into place. And our present ignorance and unbelief will be quite clear for us. We are so arranged that each new birth erases the memories. However, we can remember something during the life, if we will make an effort.

End of the World.
The more people on the planet, the more radioactive aroma they produce. From the beginning of origin of mankind the Hierarchy of Light is working hard to strengthen its contact with the bodies of people. And the closer to the finale, the closer will be the contact. The Hierarchy strives to be maximally externalized (manifested) on the Earth.
The number of people of sixth root race by the end of humanity will reach its peak. There will be so many of them as never existed on Earth before.
The entire course of events of the Apocalypse (by the way, predicted in the Book of Revelation) will be marked by increasing of the approximation of our planetary Logos to the Earth. It will enter into the human kingdom. He also will enter into other, the subhuman kingdoms (mineral, vegetable and animal).
This is exactly the Second Coming of the Son of God - Christ. The Hierarchy will descend to Earth. Our solar Angels merge with our souls and our bodies in order to collect the maximum yield of radioactive fragrance - complex particles consisting of different plans, and to return then us home to Heaven.
When the solar Angels will see that amount of radioactive aroma is large, and the conditions of life on the planet are unbearable, they will come for us. And we need to prepare for this. How? We should become cleaner, nicer, smarter, better, trying to abstract from our earthly problems and habits, trying to see things not as the earthly human, but as an angelic being. We must try to think globally and perceive all the events on a universal scale.
So the reason of the Apocalypse is twofold:
1) The deterioration of conditions of life on Earth will be incompatible with the continuation of life.
2) The desired amount of radioactive aroma will be sufficient.
Of course, these complexes of particles are always needed for the universe.
Each planet is a nursery for the incarnating Jivas (Souls). The School for obtaining of a physical experience. Each such school has a great value. And if here there was a giant planet instead the planet of earthly type (small), and then the school would be based for a long time. However, the difficult conditions exist on the Earth.
Amount of energy on the surface is small. Due to the creation of humanoid beings, heated by breathing, they need food all the time - the building material for the bodies that burn because of breathing.
When the number of these humanoids (people) on the Earth will be very large, it will be the beginning of the wars for food and water. The hunger will be. The wars and diseases will be. Plants and animals will be mercilessly exterminated, until their pitiful remnants will remain.
The temperature of the climate will rise. There will be droughts. The Earth will continue to be heated by sunlight. The heated substance will seek a way out. This means the earthquakes will be more strong and frequent. Equator and the equatorial regions will be very sparsely populated because of the heat and earthquakes. The poles will be the most populated areas.
Can you imagine this picture?
A huge population is concentrated in limited areas. And all this will be in conditions of lack of food and fresh water.
However, the energy crisis will be successfully overcome. People will have sources of energy, working not on the principle of burning fuel. But people will have nothing to eat.
The people of 6th Root Race will be able to live without food. This movement now is gaining popularity. Breatharianism. Not-eating. Jasmuheen. Zinaida Baranova. Joachim Verdin. Jericho Sunfire and others. There are thousands of them. But this does not mean that all current breatharians belong to the sixth race. The author of this book, in certain periods of the life was practicing the breatharianism. And all the books in this series I wrote in a state of starvation.
This means that the people of the sixth race will be free of many of the ills that threaten ordinary people.
Seal of the Beast is a symbol of animal nature. The three-petal lotus is three sixes angled to each other. The symbol of merge of three plans - physical, astral and mental. Ordinary people have the stamp of the Beast. The animal nature present in them. These aggressive invaders will continue to participate in the exchange of goods - that is, they will buy and sell.
The people of the sixth root race, without printing the Beast, will be spared from having to buy and sell, just because they do not need to do this. Such is the decree of their Souls.
That is the general picture of what will happen on the Earth in final times. How long these times will last is unknown. Our solar Angels know this.
Life will be very hard. People will suffer, get sick and die by the thousands. Natural disasters, famine, diseases and wars.
All this time the Hierarchy will continue to descend down lower and lower, closer to the Earth.
The radioactivity of water will be a sign of the descent of the Higher Planes on the planet. Do you remember, we wrote about the lake Rakshas-Tal and Manasarovar? The water in the lake Rakshas-Tal is radioactive, though very weak compared to what will be in the future. Due to the fact that the Higher Planes will be near, the water flowing down from the mountains into rivers will contain a plurality of particles radiating energy. These particles will destroy the water atoms - that is, make them radioactive. Of course, such water will cause suffering to ordinary people, force them to get sick, to suffer from the effects of radiation sickness.
And when life will become unbearable, people will languish in powerlessness, the beginning of end of the world (mankind) will start. The Hierarchy will decide about the final descent into Matter. It delayed this descend, fearing the harmful effects of strong energy of the higher plans to the body unprepared people.
But at the end of humanity the number of people of the sixth race will be great. Their bodies will be like “new wineskins”. They will be able to pour in themselves a new wine - that is, the energy of the higher plans.
But the “old wineskins” will be torn. Ordinary people will not be able to easy endure the approximation of the Hierarchy. Strong energies will bring them suffering.

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