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This, last chapter is written six months after the release of the book in Russian.
In the previous chapter, in the last paragraph, I began to talk on the interesting for me theme. These are the questions that are important for me and now. What is the common destiny of mankind? Where we will go after the end of the world on this planet? By whom will we become? Will we still be embodied?
Six months ago I also asked myself these questions. But I had not enough information to answer and strength for targeted search. Very little information I have and now. There are only guesses.
In the previous chapter, I suggested that we all strive to embody on the sacred celestial bodies – on the giant planets, stars, Galactic and Supergalactic nuclei. And the long-awaited final – is to become part of the Central Body of the universe.
I do not know on one hundred percents, so it is or not. But an inner voice says that it makes sense.
In the books of Alice Bailey Djwhal Khul transmits the information that all the great Cosmic entities were once people. Any Planetary Logos went through the human stage of development. This information can be found in the book “Initiation, Human and Solar” and also in others.
The idea is as follows.
Perhaps the life on Earth and on any planet or satellite of earth type is a preparatory stage for life on the sacred celestial bodies. This is some kind of Elementary School. Not finishing it, we can’t move forward.
And what so special is going on here? Why the terrestrial planets are so important?
Here is the answer.
On all celestial bodies, where there is life, there occur the processes of involution and evolution. But only on small celestial bodies in parallel there arise the worlds of Goodness and Evil.
As you can see, Good and Evil - it is not a phenomenon of universal scale. It is limited by terrestrial planets and caused by the lack of heat - physical energy. Hence, there exists the struggle for existence.
Evil creatures follow the path of least resistance and use the violence to live.
And the good choose the more hard way and resist instincts.
So it turns out that on terrestrial planets the path of Evil coincides with the involution and of Goodness - with evolution.
I.e. plunging into the Matter, we are increasingly experiencing the influence of evil, dark forces. And only road up, evolution, allows you to be freed and ascend into heaven.
And the large celestial bodies are sacred. There is only the involution and evolution. And there is no Good and Evil, can you imagine?
Let’s make a conclusion.
On the terrestrial planets, in elementary school, we learn the main lesson, which then will form the basis of our entire future path in the universe. We learn to actively aspire to the good and the beautiful, abandon violence, not contribute, and resist.
Having passed such school, the creature becomes the active herald of forces of love and light. And anybody will not be afraid to entrust into its hands the entire universe. After that, wherever it will be, it will not forget the lessons of the earth and will not fight with others for the sake of its own well-being.
And so the next step in the development after the small celestial bodies – is the giant planets. And then even larger. And so on.
And so step by step a graduate of the schools gets the opportunity to be embodied on the Central Celestial Body of the universe, which is the hugest. Its radiation in the new esoteric astrology is the most highly spiritual.
That's all I wanted to tell you on this topic. This concept exists in my consciousness as an assumption bordering on reality. As before, I suggest you by yourself make sure the veracity of all of the above.

I wish you love and light on your way!

Thank you for being with us!
With love, Tatiana Danina.

Спасибо за ваше внимание!

To be continued...

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